Sunday, September 3, 2017

Paradigm shifting

Once again I have been surprised by the Hatchling's ability to listen to me talking (ok, ranting) to my Smaller Half and distill from my words the true essence of my frustrations. I had been carrying on about a pet peeve of mine - that some patients find it nearly impossible to follow instructions. For example, I may ask them to have a blood test done and come back within a week for a long appointment. And then I don't see them for a month and they come in for a short appointment and they haven't had any tests done. And now they have a new problem or three as well.

So the Hatchling digests all of this and comes up with two great suggestions:

1. That I point over their shoulder and say, "Oh look, a beautiful butterfly has flown into the room!" And when they turn around to look, I should quickly lean forward and attach (using a clothes peg) to their shirt a list of written instructions for them to follow.

2. That if despite my efforts they don't follow my instructions, I should just solve all their problems in one appointment and say to them, "Seriously, why don't you go and buy a tablet or something to make you better?" And then I won't ever have to see them again.

And after she had made these suggestions she came up with a great idea - I should just invent a tablet that stops people getting a blocked nose and make it so good that you only have to take it once a year AND it tastes just like your favourite food. Then I can come home from work early and play!

This girl - she's a thinker!

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Anonymous said...

Wise, the hatching is.

It is hard to think of many conversations that aren't improved by the addition of "Oh, look - a beautiful butterfly..."